Trust the Process – Part 1

The powers that be say: Trust the Process.  Do the things.  Make the lists.  Lucky for me, I’m a list maker.  A lover of all things paper.  And a tad obsessed with pens and markers.  There’s something so wonderfully productive about checking an item off my list.  I may or may not be guilty of occasionally writing something down just to check it off!  Does anyone else do this?!?

In an attempt to narrow my focus I’m listing things I relate to, am currently doing or struggling with, things I like to do, want to do, am inspired by, interested in – you get the idea 🙂  This is not a complete list –  I’m sure I’m leaving things out – and it’s not in any sort of order.  My goal for today is just to get them down so I can begin to look at each one individually:

• healthy diet • harmful-chemical free foods • non-GMO • local food • gluten free • leaky gut • candida gut • sales/marketing • elementary librarian • barista • coffee shop owner • hand lettering • blogging • realtor • getting fit • all things DIY – literally #allthethings • sewing • painting • small business owner • being a light in someone else’s darkness • raising boys • one word movement • commit • new house • cutting harmful-chemical exposure from everyday products for myself & my family • cooking nutritious healthy meals for my family • teaching my boys to focus on the gospel • being more gospel focused myself • making things look beautiful • happiness • living with a bleeding disorder • leadership • grace • goals /commit • fashion/clothing • interior design • marriage • organization • mom guilt • life hacks • trends • creativity • friendships • building others up • encouraging women to see their own beauty • education • writing • fear of failure • focus • hair styles • stylist • energy • bold • brave • prayer • coloring • pride • giving • family • hormonal imbalance • thyroid disorder • insecurity • recipes • photography • planners • budgeting • cleaning • being present • holistic healing • essential oils • nutrition health coaching • rest • juicing • saving • grateful • creating memories with my family • wife life • more life experiences – less stuff • meal planning • health issues • allergies/severe mold allergies • measuring up • being transparent • fear of judgement •

Are you starting to see my struggle?!?  All these things and more are constantly fighting for my mental attention.  Can you relate?

Next goal: divide this list into categories and subcategories.  aka – make more lists 🙂


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