The List

I’ve already told you how much I enjoy marking things off my lists and today begins the process of marking things off that I need to let go of!  If you haven’t read my previous blog posts Trust the Process: Part 1 and Part 2, you can find them here and here.  Even if just for this season of life (life is fluid right?!?), I am desperate to stop mentally holding myself accountable for way too many things.  The end result is a scattered, pathetic attempt to survive the hustle and bustle of each day.  I’m ready to be intentional with not only my thoughts but also my actions.  The more I work towards this, the more I find that I’m really looking forward to narrowing my focus and spending time on the things that will help me be the best me!

How many of you jump from one thing to the next, doing only what needs to be done in any given instant?  All the while, never finding yourself truly present for the things that matter most?  Or if you are like me, are so incredibly scattered and spread thin that you have lost sight of what those things even are??

What started as me agreeing to participate in the One Word movement that has gained so much popularity in the past few years, has resulted in me making the choice to COMMIT to what is truly important to me.  I’ve decided to do so publicly in my desire to not only be transparent, but also to maintain accountability.  I’m choosing to no longer waste my thoughts and energy on things that tear me down and foster insecurities ultimately causing me to feel like a failure.

I’m marking off things that I’ve decided not to focus on at this time.  I’m rearranging and combining items.  I’ve also removed the categories.  I realize that some of what I’ve listed is just part of who I am, and will always be, but I’m ready to release myself from feeling like a failure for not trying to actively master or capitalize on every interest!

This is my list:

• harmful-chemical free food/non-GMO/local food • gluten free/dairy free • leaky gut/candida gut • allergies/severe mold allergies • get fit • cooking healthy nutritious meals for my family • education • energy • hormonal imbalance • thyroid disorder • recipes • essential oils • rest • juicing • meal planning • living with a bleeding disorder • Be a light • raising boys • one word movement/commit • new house • teaching my boys to focus more on the gospel, less on themselves • being more gospel focused • choosing joy • grace • interior design • encouraging women to see their own beauty/building others up • investing in relationships • creativity • organization • marriage/wife life • focus • hair styles/products • fearless • prayer • giving • family • planner/budgeting/saving • cleaning • being present • grateful • creating memories with my family/more experiences/less stuff • being transparent • blogging • small business owner • sales/marketing • hand lettering • all things DIY • painting • cutting toxins from products we use in our home •

I’m going to continue working with this list, as I know it will organically grow and change.  I’m looking forward to narrowing my focus and giving attention to the things I’ve taken the time to identify as most important to me right now ❤

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