40 before 40

Do you ever think about things you’d like to accomplish in the next year or two years?  Five years??  Ten years?!?  Do you have a mental to-do list filled with these activities and/or goals?  Have you taken the time to commit them to paper?  Or shared them others?  I initially shared my ’40 before 40′ list last year when I started to blog, however, I ended up needing to focus on other things last year and didn’t end up doing much with the blog.

I’ve updated my list and changed a few things!  That’s the beauty of your own to-do lists: you can do with them what you want 🙂

Before I made my ’40 before 40′ list there were many times I would say or think ‘I’d love to do that!’ – and then I would go on about my busy, scatterbrained day, and forget all about it.  In an attempt to not only remember but also to accomplish these things, I’ve complied this list of the things I would like to do before I turn 40.  Before I made my list I decided that:

I would choose both achievable goals and big goals.

Putting achievable goals on your list will encourage you to continue moving forward.  It’s always a great motivator to mark things off your list and to visually see your list changing shape.

Setting big goals encourages you step out of your comfort zone and really push yourself!  Striving to reach the big goals will require hard work and commitment.  The payout is extraordinary!


If you don’t have a version of a ’40 before 40′ list I encourage you to make one. You can set any number of goals to be completed by any date!  Have fun with it!

*Just to clarify – I have a house full of boys…. So when I say ‘boys’ on my list, I’m referring to my hubby (whom I also call Papa Bear) as well as our three sons.

  1. Learn to play the piano
  2. Take a walk in the rain
  3. Have an all-day movie marathon with my boys
  4. Go to Washington DC
  5. Take my kids to see the ocean – (Any of the oceans will do)
  6. Take a girls trip – Pigeon Forge with my mom and sisters Dec 2016
  7. Vacation somewhere new with my boys
  8. Have a picnic at the park – Summer 2016
  9. Take the kids to a Reds game
  10. Visit my Granny’s grave in Kentucky
  11. Take my boys to a planetarium – Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Spring Break, Mar 2017
  12. See a play or symphony
  13. Take a trip with Papa Bear – San Antonio, TX Jan 2017
  14. Volunteer
  15. Sell our house – July 2016
  16. Find our ‘Forever Home’ or at least one that we can settle into until the boys graduate high school
  17. Visit California – June 2016
  18. Go back to Las Vegas
  19. Learn to speak Spanish well
  20. Read more
  21. Get a tattoo – or not…. just decide already!
  22. Complete Financial Peace University
  23. Get out of debt – stay that way!
  24. Build a savings account
  25. Go to the zoo with my boys Fort Wayne Zoo, several times, Summer 2017
  26. Take each son individually on a mommy date ❤
  27. Host a Murder Mystery dinner party
  28. Get on a better sleep schedule
  29. Become more knowledgeable about Essential Oils
  30. Decide what I want to be when I grow up
  31. Go to a hockey game
  32. Take a family trip with family friends – Chicago, Spring Break, Mar 2017
  33. Learn to budget properly
  34. Get my nose pierced – Dec 2016
  35. Start a blog – revamped Jan 2018
  36.  Go to a drive-in movie
  37.  Visit a foreign country
  38.  Take a road trip with my bestie
  39.  Fly First Class
  40. Tour a castle

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my list and are encouraged to make a list of your own!

What types of things would you put on your list??  Leave your comments below ❤


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2 thoughts on “40 before 40

  1. Not to be negative, but my thoughts on tattoos are: Why? You are paying someone to draw on you with permanent ink. If you don’t like it in 20 years, it is painful to remove, there will always be a shadow left, and it will cost way more to remove than to have a tattoo done. Plus, there is a chance of infection. And how clean is the tattoo parlor? If you want to take a walk on the wild side, why not get something that is way hotter: a black leather mini skirt? Looks great, and is not permanent.

    1. I definitely understand what you are saying! I have seen some that I like, but have all the reservations you mentioned above and more lol! But sometimes I still think I’d like to have one…. it’s the teeter tottering back and forth that drives me nuts! I just want to make a decision and stick with it! 😆

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