About Me


Hey Everyone! I’m Kerissa – I am a blessed wife of almost 16 years and have 3 handsome boys.  When I’m not busy momm’in it, I work as the Director of Customer Experience and Sales & Marketing for Tree Hill Farms.  I am most recently a Willing Beauty Pre-Launch Advisor!  I am passionate about Real Food for Real People in the Real World! As someone who suffers from leaky gut, eating clean, non-GMO, chemical free food has become a top priority for me and my family!  Thankfully, these priorities are also important to Tree Hill Farms, the local produce farm that I work for.  We eat real food, with amazing taste and don’t have to worry that it may contain any of the icky, harmful chemicals that we find in so many products at the stores.  I am also passionate about using products that are safe!  I stumbled across Willing Beauty because I was researching companies, looking for a company whose standards were the same as my own!  Not only that, I was looking for products that produce real results!  I am thrilled to be on the front end of the Willing Beauty journey and look forward to sharing amazing products that are safe and effective!