About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Kerissa – a blessed wife of almost 17 years and a mama to 3 handsome boys – ages 15, 8 & 4.  My boys keep me busy to say the least!  They are so full of energy and laughter and energy….. oh my, do I envy that seemingly limitless stream of energy!

In addition to living the crazy mom life, I work as Director of Customer Experience and Sales & Marketing for Tree Hill Farms.  I get excited about Real Food for Real People in the Real World! As someone who suffers from leaky gut and has a dairy intolerance, eating clean, non-GMO, harmful-chemical free food has become a top priority for me and my family!  Thankfully, Tree Hill Farms practices line up with our priorities, making it possible to obtain local, clean, real food, with amazing taste.  Even better – we don’t have to meworry that it contains harmful, icky chemicals that we find in so many products found in stores.  I’m also passionate about using and making products that are safe for our skin, and in our home.  While deciding to cut harmful toxins from the products we use was an easy decision to make, implementing it has been a challenge!  The lack of regulations in marketing over terms such as ‘Natural’ and ‘Pure’ have made finding truly safe products a real chore!  In addition to hours and hours of research on ingredients, I have tested many, many products and honestly, its been a challenge to find safe products that perform well!

I have so many aspirations, hobbies and interests that honestly – it can get a little overwhelming!  My goal this year is to narrow down my focus and find something that really fits with who I am and who I want to be.  I’ve decided to choose One Word for the year to really focus on.  My word for 2018 is COMMIT.  I’m hoping that this blog will challenge me, encourage growth and help me to discover what it is that truly inspires me ❤