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Willing Beauty is putting a temporary hold on Beauty Advisor Enrollment Monday night…… that’s tonight!!  If you are considering becoming a part of this ground level, game changing business opportunity, now is the time!

There are 4 types of you reading this post.  You each have certain desires from your products and I am going to address them now 🙂

For my ‘Product Junkie’ cyber friends out there – I used to be one!  I LOVED trying many different types of products on my face.  Once I learned about the harmful chemicals and toxins in my products and I purged them all, I had to start over.  My options are different now that I am purchasing only products that are safe to use.  One of the cool things about the Willing Beauty Regimen is that it is only 3 easy steps in the morning and 3 easy steps at night!  It has made my selection process SO much easier and the products are formulated to work together.  They truly are the perfect match!

For those of you dealing with Adult Acne – Friends, I live the life!  Forever I felt like it was just me!  I had no idea that the products I was using were contributing to my skin problem. I have switched what I am using and I see my face starting to change!  I love that I don’t have to put so much on my face to cover the blemishes – because slowly but surely my acne is starting to heal ❤

For my health conscience friends out in cyber world – I work hard making my shopping list and planning my healthy meals for the week – but geez, I never considered that the moisturizer I use every day on my skin might not be good for me. I have enough to think about, don’t you? I have made a commitment to make some changes. When you know better, you do better. Did you know that the U.S. only bans or regulates 30 ingredients from your skincare? I think it’s time to switch to safer! This is why I choose Willing Beauty and at the same time I’m keeping it simple! Did you know about this?

For you potential Willing Beauty business owners out there – So many times it seems we are playing catch up!  Just when I think I’m ahead, a random expense comes up and I am like…WHAT? You need new cleats? UGHH! I don’t have time for an extra job that takes me away from all that my guys have going on – I need a job that I can do from the within my families already crazy schedules and pays for the never ending stream of athletic wear! Are you in the same boat? What caught you by surprise this week? Hit me up because I want to talk to you about what I have started – products I believe in and use myself with a business model that utilizes social media tools to share

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Hear it from the TOP!

Check out this video in which Co-Founder Chrissy Weems and Rock-Star Chemist/CEO Annette McEvoy share the low-down on the clinical results of our Hy+5 Complex Daily Regimen

Are you as excited as I am?!?

Heart Kerissa

Clinical Results are IN!!!

Soooooo…. it’s a pretty complicated thing to sell a product or products that one has not even been able to try.  Especially when those products come from a company that has not even officially launched yet!

I joined Willing Beauty because I have cut toxins from my entire beauty regimen and it’s really exciting to me to able to use products that have such awesome ingredients as well as a staff that truly pushes to be a force for good.  While simply researching the company, the ingredients and the founders were enough to get me pumped about Willing Beauty, I realize that not everyone’s minds work that way!

Willing Beauty sent our Hy + 5 Complex Daily Regimen out to be clinically tested for 30 days which is how long a set lasts.  Choosing to do clinical testing can be pretty scary as you are completely vulnerable to the results!

Friends, I have to say, you are going to be BLOWN AWAY with the results found in these clinical trials!  Like seriously, Willing Beauty has hit the mother-load with our proprietary Hy + 5 Complex blend!!!!

Not only are the results fantastic, it is SO exciting that Willing Beauty puts our safety first!  Check this out:

❤ Safer ❤ Effective ❤ Better-for-you ❤ Clean ❤ Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, DEA, phthalates chemical sunscreens & synthetic fragrances ❤ Safe for sensitive skin ❤ Skin-friendly ingredients ❤ Never tested on animals ❤ Certified with the Leaping Bunny Program ❤ Dermatologist-tested ❤ Allergy-tested
❤ Products tested for safety ❤ Ingredients screened for safety

How many of you can that these things are top priorities with the companies that produce your skin care lines?

OK…. sorry…. I get SO excited about the fact that these skincare products are SAFE to use, I get a little carried away!

Back to the clinical results!  Here there are friends, prepare to be wowed!

These results truly are incredible in the beauty industry!

If you have been sitting on the fence, trying to decide if this business is right for you, these results should offer you encouragement and peace of mind that Willing Beauty  is not only serious about the safety of our products, Willing Beauty is committed to producing products that are extremely effective ❤

Do you have questions?  Would you like to know more?  Just shoot me an email @  Or go here to find out how to join my team!

XO Kerissa

You’ll LOVE earning simply by SHARING

Willing Beauty is not your average Direct Sales Company.

Willing Beauty is changing the way direct sales works!  Instead of Social Selling, Willing Beauty has pioneered a new way to do business –  Social Sharing.  With no pressure, no stress and no ‘selling’ you will be amazed that you are rewarded simply by Sharing your love of the products with others ❤  Willing Beauty does the Selling for you!  Willing Beauty creates shareable beauty insights, real-time selling presentations and fun social content.

All you have to do is Share!

You'll love earning

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