You’ll LOVE earning simply by SHARING

Willing Beauty is not your average Direct Sales Company.

Willing Beauty is changing the way direct sales works!  Instead of Social Selling, Willing Beauty has pioneered a new way to do business –  Social Sharing.  With no pressure, no stress and no ‘selling’ you will be amazed that you are rewarded simply by Sharing your love of the products with others ❤  Willing Beauty does the Selling for you!  Willing Beauty creates shareable beauty insights, real-time selling presentations and fun social content.

All you have to do is Share!

You'll love earning

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100% Happiness Guaranteed

Did you know that Willing Beauty offers a 100% Happiness Guarantee?!?  You can return the product, at any time for a FULL REFUND including the cost of shipping!  Whhhaaaaaatttttt?!?  Willing Beauty is so sure that you will LOVE your new skin care products that they are willing to offer this AMAZING return policy to prove it!


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I should I could I might I will

40 before 40

Hey Friends!  I was texting with my sister earlier today and my 40 before 40 list came up.  It reminded me that I would like to share it with you ❤

If you don’t have a 40 before 40 list or a 30 before 30 list or a 20 before 50 list… you get the idea… (it definitely depends on how old you are and what age you want to complete your list by) I encourage you to make one. I will be 35 this year, so I have some time to work on mine.

Before I made my list there were SO many times I would say…. I’d love to do that someday!  And then I would go on about my crazy day and forget all about it.  So, I decided to make a list of ‘those’ things I want to do so I don’t forget them (those of you with small children, well…. with any children at all, may be able to relate to the scatterbrained life of motherhood).  Before I made my list I decided that:

  1. I would put both big dreams and achievable goals on my list.  Putting achievable goals on your list will encourage you to continue moving forward.  It’s always a great motivator to mark things off your list and to visually see your list changing shape.
  2. I decided that I am not going to go crazy trying to achieve every single thing on this list.  It’s really just a list of things I would like to do.  I don’t feel pressured to accomplish them asap…. for me, that would turn my -mostly just fun- list into a work list.  I have enough of those already!  And besides, the ones that don’t get marked off will surely be moved to my 50 before 50 list!  Ummmmm…… OK.  That’s a little further ahead than I am comfortable thinking about right now…. but you see what I mean.

*Just to clarify – I live in a house full of boys…. So when I say’boys’on my list, I’m referring to my hubby (whom I also call Papa Bear) as well as our three children.

  1. Learn to play the piano
  2. Take a walk in the rain
  3. Have an all-day movie marathon with my boys
  4. Go to Washington DC
  5. Take my kids to see the ocean – (Any of the oceans will do)
  6. Take a girls trip – Pigeon Forge with my mom and sisters Dec 2016
  7. Vacation somewhere new with my boys
  8. Have a picnic at the park – Summer 2016
  9. Take the kids to a Reds game
  10. Visit my Granny’s grave
  11. Take my boys to a planetarium – Adler Planetarium, Chicago, Spring Break, Mar 2017
  12. See a play or symphony
  13. Take a trip with Papa Bear – San Antonio, TX Jan 2017
  14. Volunteer
  15. Sell our house – July 2016
  16. Find our ‘Forever Home’ or at least one that we can settle into until the boys graduate high school
  17. Visit California – June 2016
  18. Go back to Las Vegas
  19. Learn to speak Spanish well
  20. Read more
  21. Get a tattoo – or not…. just decide already!
  22. Complete Financial Peace University….. again 😉
  23. Get out of debt – stay that way!
  24. Build a savings account
  25. Go to the zoo with my boys
  26. Take each son individually on a mommy date ❤
  27. Host a Murder Mystery dinner party
  28. Get on a better sleep schedule
  29. Become more knowledgeable about Essential Oils
  30. Decide what I want to be when I grow up
  31. Go to a hockey game
  32. Take a family trip with family friends – Chicago, Spring Break, Mar 2017
  33. Learn to budget
  34. Get my nose pierced – Dec 2016
  35. Start a blog March 2016
  36.  Go to a drive-in movie
  37.  Cut sugar from my diet
  38.  Take a road trip with my bestie
  39.  Fly First Class
  40. Tour a castle

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my list and are encouraged to make a list of your own!

What types of things would you put on your list??  Leave your comments below ❤

Shine Bright Friends

Why Join Me?

I’m sure you are wondering what benefits you will have joining my Willing Beauty Team, so let me share some of them with you!

  • I am passionate about skin care that is safe to use
  • I want to educate others on the harmful chemicals found in most daily products
  • I led a previous DS team of over 300
  • I love to help others succeed, grow and Shine
  • I am loyal and hardworking
  • I see an INCREDIBLE business opportunity with Willing Beauty and am not afraid to share it
  • I like to have fun!

If any of these feel like a good fit for you, I encourage you to join me today!  Willing Beauty is accepting Pre-Launch Advisor applicants for a short time. After that, Advisor status will come by invitation only (after earning 3500 Gold Heart Rewards Points)!

To join me go to, select the Enrollment Link at the top, Create a new Account and enter either my name: Kerissa McComb or my Pre-Launch ID: 69291.  If you have any questions, please email me @


Meet the Willing Beauty Breakthrough Hy + 5 Complex

These 5 ingredients produce incredible results! Unlike most skin care lines, Willing Beauty contains each of these ingredients in each step of the line.  We are each born with a certain amount of Hyaluronic Acid and as we grow older, we begin to lose it.

Willing Beauty understands the importance of Hyaluronic Acid, using it with our proprietary Hy + 5 Complex system for results that you must experience for yourself!

HY=Hyaluronic Acid
A naturally occurring substance in the body that helps skin hold and retain a balanced amount of moisture for softer, smoother, more radiantly hydrated skin. Hydrated skin helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


These 5 Forces of Nature!

Vitamin C
Promotes the appearance of younger-looking skin and helps to brighten complexion.

Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil
Skin-firming ingredients plus provides moisture.

Antarctic Glycoproteins
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Alpine Edelweiss Flower
Potent, age-defying antioxidant that defends against free radicals.

Deep Sea Hydrothermal Enzymes
Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and promotes a more youthful-looking appearance.