Clinical Results are IN!!!

Soooooo…. it’s a pretty complicated thing to sell a product or products that one has not even been able to try.  Especially when those products come from a company that has not even officially launched yet!

I joined Willing Beauty because I have cut toxins from my entire beauty regimen and it’s really exciting to me to able to use products that have such awesome ingredients as well as a staff that truly pushes to be a force for good.  While simply researching the company, the ingredients and the founders were enough to get me pumped about Willing Beauty, I realize that not everyone’s minds work that way!

Willing Beauty sent our Hy + 5 Complex Daily Regimen out to be clinically tested for 30 days which is how long a set lasts.  Choosing to do clinical testing can be pretty scary as you are completely vulnerable to the results!

Friends, I have to say, you are going to be BLOWN AWAY with the results found in these clinical trials!  Like seriously, Willing Beauty has hit the mother-load with our proprietary Hy + 5 Complex blend!!!!

Not only are the results fantastic, it is SO exciting that Willing Beauty puts our safety first!  Check this out:

Safer  Effective  Better-for-you  Clean  Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, DEA, phthalates chemical sunscreens & synthetic fragrances  Safe for sensitive skin  Skin-friendly ingredients  Never tested on animals  Certified with the Leaping Bunny Program  Dermatologist-tested  Allergy-tested
Products tested for safety  Ingredients screened for safety

How many of you can that these things are top priorities with the companies that produce your skin care lines?

OK…. sorry…. I get SO excited about the fact that these skincare products are SAFE to use, I get a little carried away!

Back to the clinical results!  Here there are friends, prepare to be wowed!

These results truly are incredible in the beauty industry!

If you have been sitting on the fence, trying to decide if this business is right for you, these results should offer you encouragement and peace of mind that Willing Beauty  is not only serious about the safety of our products, Willing Beauty is committed to producing products that are extremely effective ❤

Do you have questions?  Would you like to know more?  Just shoot me an email @  Or go here to find out how to join my team!

XO Kerissa

You’ll LOVE earning simply by SHARING

Willing Beauty is not your average Direct Sales Company.

Willing Beauty is changing the way direct sales works!  Instead of Social Selling, Willing Beauty has pioneered a new way to do business –  Social Sharing.  With no pressure, no stress and no ‘selling’ you will be amazed that you are rewarded simply by Sharing your love of the products with others ❤  Willing Beauty does the Selling for you!  Willing Beauty creates shareable beauty insights, real-time selling presentations and fun social content.

All you have to do is Share!

You'll love earning

Find out more about Willing Beauty and this exciting ground floor business opportunity here.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Did you know that Willing Beauty offers a 100% Happiness Guarantee?!?  You can return the product, at any time for a FULL REFUND including the cost of shipping!  Whhhaaaaaatttttt?!?  Willing Beauty is so sure that you will LOVE your new skin care products that they are willing to offer this AMAZING return policy to prove it!


So what are you waiting for?!?  Contact me today to find out how you can be part of such an AMAZING company!  Sign up to be a Pre-Launch Beauty Advisor now!  Enrollment ends soon!  Find out how to enroll here.  Because of the unbelievable 100% happiness guarantee, you really can start your business today, risk free ❤  Please email with any questions you have @

I should I could I might I will

How to Join Willing Beauty

So you’ve heard about the newest beauty company that is launching in April and you want to know more?!?  First  – Can I just say ‘Congratulations!’ on taking the first step to a healthier skin care regimen?!?  Did you know that the United States has only banned approximately 30 chemicals from cosmetics while Europe has banned over 1300 chemicals?!?  Many (actually most) cosmetics contain known endocrine disruptors, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other known harmful toxic chemicals.  Unfortunately, due to the loose-y goose-y nature of FDA laws concerning cosmetics, there really are no regulations and there are many loop holes in which companies can get away with adding terrible ingredients that they do not even have to disclose to consumers!  Ummmm…. No Thanks!!

Willing Beauty makes these promises:

You’ll love our better-for-you approach to beauty

Our Promise

  • Safer, more mindful ingredients selected with human health as a top priority.
  • Exclusive skincare featuring proprietary, breakthrough ingredients.
  • Effective formulas that deliver on their promises.
  • No-brainer regimens for all skin types.

You’ll love sharing something you feel good about

An innovative team of chemists and beauty experts created formulas focused on delivering safer, better-for-you results. We cross our heart; our products are free of:

-Endocrine Disruptors  -Chemical Sunscreens – Mineral Oils – Synthetic Fragrance

Willing Beauty does NOT test on animals!

First things First! Go to Once you are there, select the Enrollment link at the top. Then –  Create a New Account. Now  you will need to chose an enrollment kit.  There are 3 options to choose from.  To make the best choice, here are a couple of things you will need to know: the Willa Beauty Kit is for tweens and teens!  (And perhaps even some of us that still struggle with acne at….. well…… almost 35 years old!)  The Willing Beauty HY + 5 Complex Regimen  Kit is our women’s line.

Willing Beauty Set

This kit is $344 (retail value of $753 which is a 54% savings!) In this kit you will receive these 31 products:

  • 3 Willing Beauty HY+5 Complex Regimens
  • A bonus HY+5 Complex Regimen to gift.
  • 1 willa The Essentials Regimen
  • 1 willa Clear Skin Regimen
  • 1 of each a la carte item: Born to Glow Skin Elixir, XO Lip Oil and Take Action Acne Spot Treatment Pen

Willing Beauty Set1

The second kit to choose from is the Willing Beauty HY+5 kit. This kit is great for those that are just focusing on the adults. It is $261 (retail value of $602 which is a 57% savings!) In this kit you will receive these 22 products:

  • 3 Willing Beauty HY+5 Complex Regimens
  • A bonus HY+5 Complex Regimen to gift!
  • 1 Born to Glow Skin Elixir
  • 1 XO Lip Oil

Willing Beauty Set2

The third kit to choose from is dedicated to the tween/teen willa Line. It is $250 (retail value of $499 which is a 50% savings!) In this kit you will receive these 29 products:

  • 3 willa The Essentials Regimens
  • A bonus willa The Essentials Regimen to gift!
  • 2 willa Clear Skin Regimens
  • 2 Take Action Spot Treatment Pens
  • 2 XO Lip Oils
  • 1 Born to Glow Skin Elixir

Step 2: Select whether or not you would like to participate in the ‘No Brainer’ Replenishment Program.  There are some AWESOME savings included with this program, so be sure to check it out!

Step 3: Choose a Referring Advisor!  This person will become your sponsor and mentor! This is not something you will want to leave blank.  You want to know that you are joining someone’s team who will be there for you!  I would LOVE to join you on your Willing Beauty journey and if you would like to join me, all you need to do is put in my name Kerissa McComb in the ‘Choose my Advisor section.’  You can also enter my email: or my Willing Beauty Pre-Launch Advisor number: 69291.

Step 4: Choose your website.  This is where you get to choose what will go between the www. and  Keep it simple, you want to choose something that will be easy for your customers to remember 🙂

And that’s it! Once you submit your application you will receive a Thank You for Enrolling email from Willing Beauty.  If you don’t see it shorty after submission, check your Junk folder…. (that’s where I found mine!)

Willing Beauty will begin sending out the invitations to enrollees beginning in April and will continue through the official launch in July 2017!!

If you have any questions at all, please just let me know! You will also find a lot of great information in this Willing Beauty Opportunity pdf.